While adhering to the approved national curriculum as a guideline, the school operates a unique academic development approach where academic staff are clustered around specialized task teams and charged with the responsibility of updating teaching and learning through the adoption of innovative and creative practices such as ICT based e- learning, project based learning, cross subject collaborative team teaching and student focused independent research. These unique approaches we offer give us the cutting edge head start that make teaching and learning a more rewarding experience for both teachers and students. The outcome of our achievements is summarized thus:


  • Improved learner achievement through the establishment of a functional and trained performance improvement unit. This unit conducts reviews of teacher records, students’ homework and class work records, exam scores for the purpose of tracking staff performance and student achievement.


  • Encouraging scientific reasoning through experiential and practical learning by encouraging the conduct of science fairs/exhibitions, and independent as well as group student projects.


  • Preparing students for future responsible leadership through exposure to electioneering process, character development and moral education.


  • Increase teacher capacity  through the termly seminars aimed at developing  teacher skills on innovative practices such as student centered learning at the formative years ,to ensure that each student has adequate contact with the teacher and in effect the subject matter at a very tender age .


  • Enriching academic programming with emphasis on educational extracurricular activities such as exchange visits with partner schools in London and Abuja, Intra and inters school competitions and student excursions.


  • Entrench innovative experiential and project based learning. Increase special focus on early childhood development, customized classrooms and play grounds that will enhance learning at the formative years.

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